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Welcome to the Chouverse
A science fiction (with fantasy tendencies) scenario that blends the futuristic and the fringe

World War II ended officially in Europe as the Wehrmacht signed a pact of surrender in April 1945. But wait. One branch of the German forces that is NOT the Wehrmacht is missing from the signatories... instead, they began to go underground. Yet they made a pact with an advanced militaristic extraterrestrial empire to help them take over Earth... Meanwhile, a transhuman empire attempts to rule every dimension possible with its extraordinary powers.

The Chouverse is a science fiction setting created by a group of fringe science fiction fans calling them the "Disciples of Clu". Set in a multiverse (predominantly in another dimension very similar to ours), the setting explores fringe stuff in a retrofuturistic-influenced yet mostly plausible setting.

And best of all, Chouverse is free and open-source!

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NOTE: As this wiki is still brand new, many of the contents in this wiki are stubs. See Chouverse:Contributing if you would like to contribute.

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