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Baflel Puragh

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The Baflel Puragh is one of the most common war machines of the Pasoe Maski Sinberio, being mass-produced at a massive exponential rate. They take on a shape of a perfect sphere with singular red-eye and with two lines on the middle, the spacing between the red-eye.

To the perspective of the Pasoe Maski Sinberio, they are considered to be nothing but mere common ammunition to be used against the enemy. They swarm in numbers that they could fill entire universes with ease. However, this doesn't mean that one shouldn't underestimate them. As even from a perspective of a Type IV civilization, they are the most technologically advanced war machine capable of bringing down multi-galactic extinction on its own.

An example of such capabilities is the sheer raw power that it output. The known maximum output that it can bring is the full annihilation of an entire galactic cluster at once. Another is that it is capable of calculating the coordinates of each and every star in order to make a constellation in a shape of what it is being commanded to make from the perspective of the planet, that they are in. It also contains capabilities for rapid self-replication to truly engage in a universal invasion.

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