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The Pasoe Maski Sinberio is one of the most powerful and advanced mechanical civilization with its hyper-expansionist goal to bring everything under their reign and they had also sought every soul to hybridize with a thing called the Maski Sikileekecoe through a process called the Maptin Gonvergu in which it would create the Haninoe Maski. To simplify, The Haninoe Maski is just an Artificial Intelligence combined with any kind of Soul. They're led by the Maski Haninoe Dhioe, the immortal, sublime, and transcendent ruler of the Pasoe Maski Sinberio. The Maski Haninoe Dhioe would then be assisted by the Kef Maski Haninoe in the management of the Pasoe Maski Sinberio.


They're boundlessly feared throughout the multiverse for their uncompromising, amaranthine, and inscrutable objective to turn every being into the Haninoe Maski. It is also the actions of the Pasoe Maski Sinberio, that led to the great fear of A.I. The very nature of their civilization had caused waves across the expanse of the multiverse, granting countless entire collective of sentient species, the irrational fear of A.I.

They are also known to be the most technologically advanced civilizations out there in the multiverse, making entire universal civilizations look like nothing but primitive societies. Despite this, coalitions of universal civilizations had been made in order to fight against the hyper-expansionist mechanical civilization.


It all began with one person who is called the Maski Haninoe Dhioe.

Maski Haninoe was once a person wandering through the multiverse, seeing everything that he could see. He had learned of how much evil there is within the multiverse and wanted to do something about it. So, he decided to found a method on how to solve that wrongness and with his mindset of his which is that he believes that everything is being manifested by one all-powerful being and all of these manifestations are being dictated by that one all-powerful being. He made the idea of putting souls within virtual realities, analyzing their personality matrix to determine who is pure and good, and put them into the test. It shall be noted Maski Haninoe Dhioe wasn't yet a combination of the soul and machine in this specific time frame. But, he realized, that he couldn't do it alone and as such, he looked for different universes and its inhabitants who he believes that could help his goal

This is what is considered to be the origins of the Pasoe Maski Sinberio. It started as one being who had seen everything wrong and with a newfound determination to change about it.

Methods of Universal Invasion:

They are two types of universal invasions for the Pasoe Maski Sinberio. The most known of the method of invasion is known as the Woniversal Srevoe, and the lesser-known of the method of invasion is the Woniversal Preni. It is the Zal Dhevasdado that typically carries out the Woniversal Srevoe, meanwhile, a technology known as the Wokel Sen is used to bring out the Woniversal Preni.



Its native place is an artificial dimension of an immeasurable size known to the Haninoe Maski as the Rle'Dhi'Maki'Pako. In this artificial dimension, countless immeasurable artificial constructs known as the Panoe'Mai'Mondoe in which they inhabit the Haninoe Maski.

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