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A rough render of the typical attire of an ART soldier, which typically consists of a hooded caped powered armor made from a material that is able to blend into the surrounding environment. This attire lead to its nickname the "Specter Vigilantes".

The Whirosian Central Empire Stellar Force All-Realm Teams, colloquially known as the ARTs, is the intelligence and special operations force of the Whirosian Central Empire's Stellar Force. It is one of the most dangerous special forces in the ENTIRE Milky Way Galaxy (competing with the special forces of the Intersolar Corporation of Species)—its soldiers are trained physically, psychologically and psychically so that they can accomplish their missions with little to no obstacles along their way.

As mentioned before, they are also an intelligence force and are often called as the Empire's secret police due to their many operations being clandestine security intelligence, foreign intelligence and counterintelligence operations to protect the Empire (and hence the Interstellar Co-Prosperity Sphere, in which the Empire has overwhelming influence) from foreign threats, especially those originating from the Intersolar Corporation of Species.

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