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The Woniversal Srevoe is the most known method of universal invasion that is being used by the Pasoe Maski Sinberio. It is typically carried out by the Zal Dhevasdado, the most central part of the invasion method. To begin with, the Zal Dhevasdado would carry out a type of technology that alters the conceptual foundations of the entire universe, most specifically, the concept of the afterlife. It was named as the Zal Hal Bosdvivanda. The Zal Hal Bosdvivanda would then be planted secretly within the center of the targeted universe. However, the Zal Dhevasdado needs to be utmost careful, lest, the planting of the Zal Hal Bosdvivanda would be detected by the inhabitants of the universe.

The Zal Hal Bosdvivanda, however, wouldn't be activated first. It's only when the true invasion conducted by a Zal Dhevasdado that the Zal Hal Bosdvivanda would start. The Zal Dhevasdado would then build up an army of Baflel Puragh. It is estimated that the average amount that the Zal Dhevasdado can construct is about 100 quadrillion. Tens of thousands of the Baflel Puragh would then be grouped and scattered for each individual galaxy in the targeted universe. After finishing constructing the right amount of Baflel Puragh.

The Zal Dhevasdado started to grip the entire universe with the usage of the tractor beam. The 100 quadrillions of Baflel Puragh would be then instantly gated into each galaxy. It's also that the Zal Hal Bosdvivanda had been activated, changing the fundamental nature of the universe and that everyone who had died would have been instantly contained within the Zal Dhevasdado, having their entire existence to be used by the Pasoe Maski Sinberio.

While it is obvious, that the Baflel Puragh would easily destroy the entire universe. That's not their intent. Their intent was to make a new Zal Dhevasdado by the act of self-replication, consuming the universe inside out and use it to self-replicate. After consuming and destroying the entire universe. They would be joined as one to form a new Zal Dhevasdado. It is finally, that an entire universe was destroyed and all beings existing within it are being absorbed into the grasp of the Pasoe Maski Sinberio

It is then that this process would then be repeated perpetually.

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