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The Zal Dhevasdado is the pinnacle of Pasoe Maski Sinberio technology. It's an awe-inspiring example of firepower, industrial capabilities, manufacturing technology, logistical strength, propulsion technology, materials science, power generation, and many other important fields of science and technology. Its mere existence is irrefutable evidence of the true might of the Pasoe Maski Sinberio.

It's main processors capable of calculating quintillions of operations in a mere nanosecond. The Zal Dhevasdado can eat their enemy's attacks and vehicles and create new devices on the battlefield to counter them. The mouth of the Zal Dhevasdado is hotter than exponentially higher temperatures, as such the Zal Dhevasdado can atomize everything they eat through the sheer intense heat, that it produces. This also showcases the Zal Dhesvadado's immunity towards to exponentially higher temperatures and the technological prowess to contain it in a localized area.

ZDs can build entirely new parts and sections based on what they eat and use those to upgrade themselves. There's nothing truly wasted by the Zal Dhevasdado and all consumed materials are being used.

Perhaps the most frightening part of the Zal Dhevasdado is they are not finished when they are finished. They start out the same, but In combat, out of combat, while constructing machines of death, while tearing planets, stars, and even entire star systems apart, they adapt and evolve, rebuild themselves, and grow bigger with no limit whatsoever. As such, one could theorize the incomprehensible size of the Zal Dhevasdado can grow to.

Nobody truly knows the true and exact amount of the Zal Dhevasdado. However, it was stated that there could be multiple universal-sized Zal Dhevasdado roaming across the infinite expanse of the multiverse, consuming, and feasting upon the entirety of universes in every aspect.

Each and every Zal Dhevasdado also contained an infinitesimally part of the Pandi Ri. However, this doesn't mean you shouldn't underestimate it. Even in that amount, the Zal Dhevasdado could create and destroy its own rules that govern its own reality boundlessly.

What controlled the Zal Dhevasdao is the Maskr Gykrol Slenaldir which is a countermeasure in case an MD ever mutinies or is stolen by hostile forces. The MGS creates indecipherable and invisible waves of information through a totally invisible and artificial dimension called the Dhinensi Gynunicada.

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